Announcement: Mage Model Creators Program
March 18th, 2023
Dear Mage Community,
Over the past few weeks, an important conversation has been sparked about the value of model creators, their efforts, and fair compensation within the open-source AI movement.
For those unfamiliar, Mage is the platform for free, fast, and unlimited Stable Diffusion for all, and is home to dozens of incredible custom models and their creators - and we want to take a clear stance on their value and place in our community.
Today we are announcing the launch of the Mage Model Creators Program, an opt-in program for model creators to earn on a per-generation basis with no constraints on the model or creator. As of today, all models on Mage are eligible for this program. Top model creators can begin to earn high four-figure USD monthly revenue while providing their models on top-tier infrastructure to the million+ in the incredible, ever-growing Mage community.
What’s the process like?
  • If Mage already provides your model, let us know if you would like to get paid
  • If Mage doesn’t already provide your model, please submit a request here
No contracts, no exclusivity, no bullshit. Creators get paid for their hard work, we all get access to continually better models, and the community continues to grow: win-win-win.
StabilityAI released Stable Diffusion to us all with the vision of an open and collaborative movement. Closed platforms and profit racketeering using fear and intimidation are the antitheses of this vision. We hope that with this step, we can together reject their future, continue to build together, and provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all.
We will always support model creators, the Mage community, and the broader open AI community as best as we know and can. We want this to be an ongoing dialogue, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Please help spread the word by sharing this announcement, and let's continue building an amazing community together.
We are so excited for the future of this space - now back to creating!
Roi & Greg